Thursday, July 21, 2016

Thoughtful Thinking Thursday #56 ~ Packing String Throw

This throw was seen at the 
My grand parents lived through the recession.
Their conserving habits were passed on to my parents,
 and they passed on the ideas and ways of living to me.
 Therefore, it's been a natural thing for me to keep and reuse things all my life.
Today, I think my daughters do some of that.
As time has trickled down, we've created generations that feel it's easier
to just throw away and buy again.
This throw was a great recession time example of using leftovers creatively.
           I agree with Camille Wheeler above.  It is amazing what women did with things before they attemped to throw them away. 
           I guess that's why I'm one of those people that enjoy making quilts from clothing. That's the way my grand parents made quilts.
          Are you a person that gives a second thought to something before you throw it away. Do you think about another way to use it or it's parts? Is that kind of thinking a good thing? Does it cause one to become a hoarder?  Think about it.

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