Thursday, November 29, 2012

Ribbon Storage

Recently a great friend sent me a LARGE box of ribbon she didn't need anymore.  I was overwhelmed with the amount of ribbon she sent me.
Thank-YOU dear friend.

I needed to store the ribbon so I could readily see what was available. It's unbelievable, but I didn't have any more drawer space in my sewing room.  So here is my solution for now.  HANGERS!

....and not only did she send me ribbon, but she sent me this "Mother Lode of Fabric."  How lucky am I?

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Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Friday, November 16, 2012

Bed Time ~ BD & AD

Before Decorating and After Decorating........Sharing at several Linky Parties.

In the beginning- the carpet could just about turn your stomach, and some of it was on the walls as well.
Empty rooms can be deceiving.  So I measured and taped off the amount of space needed for a king size bed and a walk-in closet (in the foreground).
 Old closet removed.  Thanks to Mr. G.  He also replaced the molding around the old closet casing.
I did the painting with "oops" paint.  
So it cost less than $10 to paint this room. btw, the green/brown color is Martha Stuart Paint. 
  I notice now, it's hard to find "oops" paint.  Either folks have caught on or it's not being sold?
The bed (below) fit just like the tape said it would.
Found a shutter @ Peddler's Mall with a couple of slats missing.
Tried weaving fabric, lived with it about a month and took it out.
Right now, it's just plain and simple.

I have a fire place mantel that I picked up @ a yard sale last year for $5 (I think).  It's waiting in the garage for me to decide how I want to finish it, or leave it as is and most importantly, how to hang it.

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Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Wordless Wednesday #33~ Mall of America

@ Bloomington, MN
While some ladies I know would have been in heaven in this place, it was the opposite for me since I do not like shopping in malls.  It was like 3 malls stacked on top of each other with an indoor amusement park in the center.   I did enjoy just getting to see the place and take some pictures to say, "I've been there!"

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Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Barn Charm ~ Parrot Mountain

Linking to Barn Charm

Located next to Parrot Mtn, outside Pigeon Forge, TN 
typical barn for the Smokies area

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Monday, November 12, 2012

Thursday, November 1, 2012

Church Purse Mocking Vera Bradley

Sharing at several Linky Parties.
Enjoyed the morning in my warm sewing room with a cup of coffee and creating.
I needed a new bag to carry my Bible, study book and journal to church.  The one I was using wasn't of winter colors.  I had made it back when Vera Bradley Purses first became popular and had made a pattern.  I couldn't find it and had to create again!  Amazing how much stuff you lose when you move homes.
Combined scrap fabrics from the 400 Mile Yard Sale and the ton of fabric a special friend gave to me, and used old tailor batting I had picked up at restore.  
This purse may have cost me around $2.  (Not counting my over priced sewing machine.)
For this purse, I do like the heavier stitch letters on the other side of the purse.
Took extra time for some trimming details.
.  I added fabrics and square stitch corners to make it look like it has an added bottom.
Everything is lined.  Yes, I used a metal zipper, because I have a bunch of old ones that I had cut from clothing years ago.
Of course I have to have inside pockets for pencils, pens, calendar, phone & check book.

If there is enough interest, I might get in the mood to make a tutorial and share the pattern I used.
You'll find this post at several Linky Parties. Please check them out for some great ideas.
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