Saturday, October 30, 2021

Quilt Block 136 ~ Seven Shirt Quilt- Choosing Shirts/Cutting Apart


Seven Shirt Quilt
I first made this quilt which I named 7 Cowboy Shirt Quilt back in 2013.
I shared some pictures of my work,
but so has to not "steal" the author's work,
I didn't repeat directions but rather linked to the site. 
I followed the amazing concise directions @ Life is a Stitch.
Unfortunately, the link has since disappeared.

My 2013 page has gotten a lot of hits and people asking 
if I knew where they could find directions.

When my cousin turned over to me several of her Dad's shirts
to make her a memory quilt,
 I knew then I had an opportunity to try to recreate the directions.
If the original artist has a reason for me not to do this,
please let me know.
Turns out this past June I was going through some old computer files,
and found my notes and pictures when making this quilt! 
Lesson learned: If you really want to save a web page, print it out,
or copy as much as you can to a word processor.
Even though the original artist was able to give directions in one post,
I have a hard time being as concise. 
So this post will only get the process started.

Choosing 7 Shirts

The larger the shirt the better.
The first one I made used the Xlarge type shirts which worked great.
These shirts were smaller.
I was lucky to have a matching pajama pants to complete the project.
You will need 7 shirts. 
2 light color
5 dark color one of which will be an accent color.
Here the choice for accent can be the gold or the red.
The accent color should be one that pops.
Look at the picture of the quilt to see how the accent color is used.

 My choice for accent was red.
The red had a matching pj bottom.

 Cutting Apart All Shirts

Don't bother to pick apart the seams. Not worth it.
On the other hand, I've seen people rip apart the seams.
I think that tends to stretch the fabric too much,
and it can be hard on old shirts.
So get out your scissors and cut carefully along the seams.
Save every quarter inch you can.
You might wish later you had just that much more fabric.
I don't throw anything away until it's over.
If you know me, I've made things out of the smallest scraps.
Cut off hem. 
I save them for ties.
Cut off the button and buttonhole panels.
These can be used for ties as well.
"Life is a Stitch" saved the buttons to tack the quilt later.

Fold the sleeve and shirt along side seam.
Cut off the seam.

Flatten out shirt and body of shirt.
Most shoulder seams are flat felled,
so cut on both sides of the seam.
This will make for easier cutting later if you use rotary cutter and ruler.
Again, this seam can be another string.

You can tell by looking at this back yoke,
this is not a large shirt.
You should be able to get a 2.5 inch wide strip from the yoke later.
An organization tip:
I stack and roll the pieces for each shirt and
 tie each shirt roll with the hem string.
Next week: How to cut needed pieces from the 7 shirts. 
So get your shirts chosen and cut up and ready to go. 








Friday, October 15, 2021

Fun Fri ~ Back to Working Binding


No, it wasn't the stinky 19, but I sure felt awful for about 3 weeks. Got back to work on making and sewing binding this week. Because, I really still felt like sitting on my comfy couch instead of the nice sewing chair, I decided I wanted to finish off by hand stitching the binding. I have rather enjoyed it. Only about 20 more inches to go and some thread trimmings and clean up and this baby is done!

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