Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Day 13~ Spring Vaca- FINAL DAY

Our last day of our 13 day Spring Vacation- On the road again as we leave Carlisle, PA.  Just can't get enough of the Pennsylvania countryside.  It is obvious, these people are so proud of their land and homes by the way the keep it up.  We only had one side trip on this day.  Morgantown, WV.  Mr. G. likes to get pictures of all the SEC football stadiums and basketball arenas and pro football stadiums.

The rest area at the top of the mountain in Maryland had awesome views and some great photo opportunities since it had just rained.

Something about covered bridges we just enJOY.

Fayette County in another state.  Of course this got my attention @ the WV Visitor Center also on top of a mountain.
What my some of my grandchildren call their other grandmother.
Back to our home state with 2 more hours of road to go.
I can count on one hand how many times I've been away from home for 2 weeks.  However, like last fall, I could have kept going to SEE some more.  I'm just a sucker for adventures and site seeing.  On this trip, my camera was really my friend as I took more passion and appreciation in looking over God's world to capture that perfect, beautiful picture.  I hope you enJOYed this blog series as much as I enJOYed sharing it.

I pray I'm blessed with more trips as I had hoped for during my retirement.

Monday, May 28, 2012

Day 12~ Spring Vaca

Our last day on Cape Cod.  It was sad leaving and the weather didn't help.  With the first tropical storm of the year, Alberto, (is this a record for the earliest tropical storm?) hitting this area, we dealt with a drizzling rain and fog starting out and then in and out of rain all day.  No major storms though.

Since we were on the Interstate heading straight home and the sun wasn't out, there weren't too many BIG pictures captured for the day, just lots of scenery stuff.  See why we like traveling the back roads?

Bye Cindy and Dick.  You live in a beautiful world.
Fog and Drizzle.  Boo Hoo.  I understand fog is a common thing on the Cape.  This is the lake their family spent a lot of time on when they were growing up.
We had 2 days to get back, so we decided to take a side trip to Plymouth.  The GPS went nuts because we went over an hour out of the way.  We love side trips.
The tour guide asks where we all are from and the answers were California, Florida and Kentucky.
...and then the tour guide says, "You came this far to see a ROCK?"  Wonder how many times a day he says that?
Street in Plymouth.
After eating and gassing up the van, we were back on the road around 1 pm.  Where did the time go?  Headed home with several states to cross over.
All the rest areas we visited were a welcomed stop and some were very interesting.

All of us say we live in God's country.  These people really do declare it!

Last picture before sunset.  We didn't stop until around 10:30 in Carlisle, PA!

All days of the vacation are posted.  Please see the side bar for May, 2012, and check them out!

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Sunday, May 27, 2012

Remembering Our Veterans of All Wars & All Times

Especially, my Dad (WWII) & the many men of my family & friends.

Taken by my Grand Daughter in my Daughter's Garden.  Their Daddy/Hubby served in Desert Storm, Panama Canal & Iraq and probably some other places I don't know about.

Looks like a painted shutter?

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Friday, May 25, 2012

Day 11~ Spring Vaca

On day 11, our host/hostess took us back to Sandwich to the "Broadwalk" that we missed.  Glad they didn't let us miss it.  Thanks to Cindy's hubby, Dick for being patient and letting me take a ton of pics.
Blue box out in the bog is for bees which love the Sea Roses.

Assumed Father and 2 kids were using a rock with a hotdog tied to it to entice the crab.  We saw people sailing, kayaking, sun bathing, fishing, catching minnows and believe it or not, swimming.  They said the water here never really gets warm enough for swimming due to the current.
Watched 2 short movies at the national park and visited the free museum.  The scrimshaw was amazing.
A place fittingly called "The Lunch Box" where we picked up a sandwich lunch for an impromptu picnic
View from the National Seashores Park Visitor Center.

Sea Roses were awesome.  Saving those pictures for Wordless Wednesdays.

They say a picture is worth a thousand words, but I found it hard to capture pictures to show how steep the cliffs were at this beach.  Thus the reason for this National Park, I believe.

I couldn't even get in all the steps to the beach in one picture.

Maybe the size of the person sitting in the beach chair gives you an idea?

Apparently the right time of the year to see how the beach does bloom out.  Anyone know what these white flowers are called?

Then on the drive back I took a few more pictures from the car.

The fence and flowers caught my eye.

Add to bucket list.....Someday, maybe.

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