Thursday, May 24, 2012

Day 10 ~ Spring Vaca

Visited Osterville for lunch and our favorite jewelry store which belongs to Mr. G's sister and her hubby.  

At the Silva Jewelry Store you'll find several pieces of work from the locals like this Sailor's Valentines.  Some are so intricate.

Check out the details of this hooked rug which replicates the street where this is being sold.
The cafe named their sandwiches after village shop owners.

OF COURSE I had The Silva which was tuna salad/cheese.

Naturally, they served Cape Cod chips which of course are made on Cape Cod.
Then we drove over to a village called Sandwich.
Dexter's Grist Mill.  Still operates in the summer.
Flowers were just brilliant with color.

Like the name of this preschool.
Visited the Daniel Webster Hotel.  Its been around for a while.  There appeared to be a wedding there that day.  Maybe it's good luck to have a wedding in a long standing place?
Then again, if you have ye old stocks sitting out front, maybe not?
Took a glimpse inside and found this. 
We saw many homes flying the flag including our host/hostess.

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  1. What a gorgeous place! The mill and all the flowers are beautiful!


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