Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Day 13~ Spring Vaca- FINAL DAY

Our last day of our 13 day Spring Vacation- On the road again as we leave Carlisle, PA.  Just can't get enough of the Pennsylvania countryside.  It is obvious, these people are so proud of their land and homes by the way the keep it up.  We only had one side trip on this day.  Morgantown, WV.  Mr. G. likes to get pictures of all the SEC football stadiums and basketball arenas and pro football stadiums.

The rest area at the top of the mountain in Maryland had awesome views and some great photo opportunities since it had just rained.

Something about covered bridges we just enJOY.

Fayette County in another state.  Of course this got my attention @ the WV Visitor Center also on top of a mountain.
What my some of my grandchildren call their other grandmother.
Back to our home state with 2 more hours of road to go.
I can count on one hand how many times I've been away from home for 2 weeks.  However, like last fall, I could have kept going to SEE some more.  I'm just a sucker for adventures and site seeing.  On this trip, my camera was really my friend as I took more passion and appreciation in looking over God's world to capture that perfect, beautiful picture.  I hope you enJOYed this blog series as much as I enJOYed sharing it.

I pray I'm blessed with more trips as I had hoped for during my retirement.


  1. looks like a fun road trip! my boys wrestling club is in Carlise...i love the rural landscape taking them there.

  2. Beautiful countyside! You captured some great photos! So glad you shared your experience ;)

  3. Beautiful! Such crisp, bright photos. I loved the shot of the mushrooms, reminds me of mushroom picking in the forest as a young child with my parents.

  4. Fantastic shots of the farms! I love those big double silos! You saw some really pretty scenery. The water drops in that one shot are awesome. Love the barge, too!

  5. What a wonderful trip you had. Your photos are beautiful. I love the covered bridge and the barge. I enjoyed all of your vacations photos!

    1. Thanks All for your comments. Glad you enJOYed the trip Barb, and BJ, I know you followed as well. I believe you made a ego boosting comment on each post.

  6. Wonderful traveling photos ~ loved the trip ~ Hope you had a fantastic time ~ thanks, ^_^

  7. That's one of the reasons we love road trips - you get to see some beautiful places! Love all the shots!

    Funny Face

  8. That looks like a great trip with lots to see!


  9. Wonderful photos!

    Have a great WW!

  10. What fun photos. Looks like a great time.

  11. I'd love to go to all those spots. I live in Nebraska. I used to live in Georgia, so I'm familiar with some of those spots. So pretty!

  12. that's a confusing sign, the one with the question mark. once while on vacation, there was an exit sign for all the different streets off a roundabout, but there were sooo many. i made my boyfriend drive around it again just so i could get a picture of it!

  13. These are all wonderful! It looks like it was a very beautiful trip.


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