Monday, August 27, 2012

Longest Yard Sale Treasures ~ Hwy 127

Although this yard sale was longer than the 400 mile HWY 68 yard sale in June, I ended up with much less.  One item not in this picture is a steam press I got to press my sewing, especially while making quilt tops.

We did come up with more free items on this trip.
When I bought the chair, to replace one that had been broken- I'll not call names, the lady said if I bought it she would give me prizes at her choosing.  It was Sat and she needed to load up.  She gave me 2 old stained lamp shades and a porcelain bed pan.  I actually had bought a bed pan 2 years ago to use as a bird bath.  Birds don't use it.  Any ideas?


  1. Looks like you got some cool stuff at good prices! Can't help you with the bed pan. :-)

  2. Oh my gosh. Great haul. Love the "j", "o", "y" letters. How fun. I've always wanted to do that ever since I saw it on TV. Some day....

  3. How fun 400 miles of yard sales and what great finds!


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