Sunday, August 19, 2012

Sunday Best ~ Bee Yellow

Mesker Park Zoo & Botanical Gardens
Evansville, IN

I especially like the contrasting colors that appeared in the background which made the yellow pop even more.

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  1. Nature's version of going to a party and finding someone wearing the same dress. :)
    Beautiful the contrast in texture and harmony of colors between the pistons, petals, and bee.

  2. Prairie cone flower I believe? They are so lovely and this macro shot is gorgeous, Joy.

    Thanks so much for sharing your image at Your Sunday Best this week.

  3. That's beautiful, Joy! I like how the yellow in the bee matches the flower!

  4. That is great! So much detail, including that bee. Super cool.

  5. Very lovely capture. Beautiful bokeh in the background.

  6. I could sit and watch bees work all day. Love this shot.

  7. Nice macro... love the rich yellows!


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