Monday, August 6, 2012

A Most Unique Covered Bridge- #28 to the End

      As promised, I have shots of a one of a kind Covered Bridge.
      Just as we were having our fill on this trip of covered bridges, we came upon this amazing bridge.
      They claim to be only one of these in the world.  Can you guess why its the only one?  Look for clues in the shots.

 The bridge helps out the Duck Creek in Southeastern Indiana.
The town was built around Duck Creek, but later the Whitewater Valley was connected to the Ohio River via a canal.  This was an awesome project that would have been amazing for this day and time much less back in 1836. Makes for a great history read.

Have you guessed why its special?

Your biggest clue!

 Its an aqueduct!
 We never figured out why the canal had to be covered.

 I wished now we had road this
 which was pulled by these beautiful animals, because I later couldn't figure out how they got around the aqueduct and I know they did because there were hoof prints on the other side of the bridge.  Did they have to unhook and rehook?
The little town is so cute and a definite tourist attraction mostly on weekends.  The fall foliage apparently bring many to this town as they say that is their busiest time.  On this day around 4 in the afternoon, it was almost a ghost town and only half dozen businesses open.

 Once place opened was the mill on the canal. They do grind on a regular schedule.

 Worth the trip here.

I didn't get pictures of the next town, but it looked like it was transplanted from Germany and highly advertised their Oktoberfest.  Apparently, this Southeastern Indiana bustles big time in the fall.


Here are the rest.

and probably almost that many more in Indiana we didn't see!

Then just had to show the following picture.  Mr. G. pointed out to me, "How many times do you see the highway signs pointing to 2 states instead of cities?"

Did you see

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  1. That is indeed a very cool "bridge" and something I've never seen! At first I was guessing it was a railroad bridge, but as the photos went along, I knew that wasn't right. An awesome find! All of your covered bridge posts are wonderful!

  2. I'm amazed by the architecture beauty. I took us through a delightful tour ;) thanks for sharing, dear Joy. xxo

  3. Joy

    I don't know if you remember, but one of the last trips that I took mom and dad on - just us three.. was through the covered bridge festival in Oct. We went through Indiana, up to the Great Lakes and over through Amish country... It was a very memorable trip - before mom was in a wheel chair - so had to be 2003 or 2004. It was amazing to see all the bridges and then the crafts. You and Greg need to definitely check it out... you have to make room reservations ahead of time.
    Little Sis (no profile to select for me)

  4. We DID check it out! This was the end of the trip of IN covered bridges. Hope you find time to check out the first 27 bridges on this blog, and see if you remember any of them.


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