Sunday, August 5, 2012

Yard "Sale-ing" Down HWY 127

We covered Frankfort, KY to Cincinnati, OH
Albany, Ky to Gadsden, Al.  Here are a few shots.

 Going into Crossville, TN Friday evening.  However, we were not at a stand still.
 Took the gamble to drive out of the way to follow signs to what claimed to be a BIG Barn sale.  It wasn't, but the view was big and worth every minute of the drive.  Found these guys and their view on the side of the barn.

 Late Friday afternoon we made it to Chatanooga where the yard sales faded away as well as HWY 127.  Directions told us to follow the Lookout Mtn Parkway which took us by Ruby Falls and Lookout Mountain (we've already seen those.)  We found a hang gliding school and stopped to visit and Josiah showed up and started assembling his glider and answer our questions.
 Just as he finished putting on his harness, he noticed the wind had shifted and canceled his flight.  bummer.
If you want to learn here is the information you might need.

 At Mentone, AL, you turn onto a county road and think this can't be it, but it was and was a beautiful drive. 

 There were beautiful houses along the ridge, and like the farm, they had awesome backyards.

Chalk painted the side of the truck so they can change what it says?  What about rain washing it off?  Speaking of rain, we missed it and would only get there before it happened or after it happened.  It was SO hot most of the time.  Some cool breezes on Sunday.  Exhausted.


  1. Hey, Joy! I'm popping over from Funky Junk. You posted right above me. I love your photos. That backyard view is awesome. And I love the "muesiuem" sign! I've got to do this one day. Such fun. Hope you found lots of goodies!

  2. That's a lot of yard sale-ing! Your photo of the keys is really cool! And the view where the goats were is awesome! Must have been on the side of a mountain.

  3. Wow, some garage sale. Did you buy anything?
    Love the view the goats have!


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