Wednesday, October 5, 2016

Bucket List Trip 2016~Day 30~ Roseville, CA to South Lake Tahoe, CA

We started out watching the Sacramento news on TV this morning.
From the news we could see that downtown was still busy from
the Paul McCartney concert last night and the concert to be tonight.
So we nixed going to downtown Sacramento, CA.
We started out going back in Auburn, CA to check out the museum
at their old courthouse.

According to this book,
the courthouse had been remodeled/rebuilt 3 times.
The information given in my previous post was not correct.
After talking to a historian at the museum,
we found out the Capital had never been located here.
Prior to Sacramento, CA, it had been located in 3 other places around the bay area.
 He had it in his notes.
Apparently an often asked question, because several might think this had been the capital at one time?
The museum displayed several artifacts of the early gold rush days.
Many artifacts were from the early 1900s.
But some were from the late 1900s.
This one hit home to me.
I started learning BASIC computer language on the computer on lower left.
At that time I believe only Radio Shack sold home computers.
Then the first computer I got my hands on was the 5.5 floppy on the right.
That happened at school, as the Title I teacher, Chris let me work on the computer after school.
Eventually, I got some of the old throw away computers to put in my second grade class,
where I used a Practice Spelling Program I wrote with the kids,
and I let them do some word processing to write stories.
And, that big monitor!
As a tech person, I've moved many of those monitors.
I remember I was glad to remove them one last time for flat screens.
However, some of those monitors would never die.
Mark this as a day I met a new FB friend at this museum.

 The politics of California.
The northern part of California wants to separate and become a state called Jefferson.

Squaw Valley but on the GPS map it's called Olympic Valley.

An unusual covered bridge to add to our list.
Over a dam.

An unusual covered bridge to add to our collection.
It goes over a small dam.
More of a building.

 Have had more than one biker to pass us on the yellow lines between traffic of cars.
These guys passed a dozen cars to come up in front of us.
While some bikers complain about auto drivers not being safe to them,
it's hard to watch for bikes when they are coming out of nowhere and weaving in and out in front of you.
This was one of 8 construction stops for 1 lane traffic between Tahoe City
and South Tahoe Lake we had to wait.
This one was about a 5 minute wait.
 Drove through a seasonal empty resort and got some great shots.
 One of those icon shots of Lake Tahoe?

 Checked out this state park.
 Drove a mile to the station and for the first time our Senior Pass was NOT honored in this state park
like it had been at other California Parks.
We had been told by an Idaho State Park employee they were good for state parks
because they were in part funded by Fed money.
Wyoming honored it as well.
We didn't pay 9$ to spend 5 minutes to take a few pictures on a beach.

 This guy didn't charge us.
He gave us a 10 minute photo op time which is all we needed.
Believe me, we are buying enough gas and paying enough hotel tax in CA to take care of our photo ops.
 Views from the overlook.

 Down the road about a mile was another state park that didn't charge a fee.
I thought it had more beautiful views than the first.

 At this point, I thought that was fog in the distance.

 One of the only times, Mr. G was white knuckling a bit.
The road slanted down to each side and had NO shoulder!
He said, "Quick! Take a picture of this road."
Only lasted about quarter of a mile then into hairpin turns.

These were actually called winter homes once upon a time.

 On our way to Sand Harbor, Nevada for a highly recommended sunset.

 I started smelling someone's campfire.
Smelled nice since the temps were in the low 50s at sunset.

 A quick shot behind us.
 One of the photographers mentioned the smoke actually added to the sunset shot.
At that point, I realized I was not smelling someone's campfire nor seeing fog earlier in the day.
I did a web search for a forest fire close by and none were listed.
 Some shots taken on the drive back to our room of the sun behind the mountains.
 We had a great Italian dinner at a nice restaurant and headed to our room around 8:30.
Our room wasn't in South Lake Tahoe but rather at Stateline, just inches from Nevada.
The 3 Peaks Hotel parking lot was already packed.
I had made my reservation around 2pm, and no one had read my special request
about not being able to carry luggage up a lot of stairs.
They had put us 3 flights up!
The girl checking me in was the first to read the request.
She immediately offered to carry them up, then she realized she couldn't 
commit someone to carry them in the morning.
I asked if there was a king bed (I had reserved 2 queens) on first floor.
Ended up, we agreed on an upgrade to a 2 bedroom that was 1 flight up.
Poor Mr. G did well carry our things upstairs, while I carried a few things.
 1 bath, but each room had a sink and a king!

 Each room had a TV.

Living room had a couch and chair/ottoman and large flat screen.
Shame it wasn't football weekend.
This, so far, was the cheapest room on the trip!
However, the internet wouldn't cooperate and I didn't get this post finished.

Follow along on our trip as I will try to post daily.

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