Friday, June 17, 2016

Fun or Funny Fri Foto ~ Lexington, Indiana

          Last Monday Mr. G and I had lunch in New Albany, IN which is across the river from Louisville, KY.  The waitress asked where we were from.  We simply said Lexington because it is the second largest city in Kentucky.  So we were somewhat shocked when she said, "Which Lexington?"
          "There's another Lexington?" we said.
          "Oh yes, there is Lexington Indiana and Kentucky.  Lexington, IN isn't too far from here, so that's why I asked."
           We quickly looked it up and decided it could be on our route home. Especially since we didn't want to travel I-65 south bound across the river.  Right now you can't get on east I-64 just across the river to Lexington, KY from I-65, but instead you have to take a long detour or go through city streets.
           So after our wonderful lunch at The Hungry Pelican of fresh seafood, hand battered fresh cut onion rings and flash fried corn on the cob (yeah, I know what you're saying), we went to check out Lexington, IN.
 Definitely a contrast to Lexington, KY. 
Don't blink or you might miss it.
You enter the town with this beautiful sign posted in the cemetary.
What?  We turned around to take another picture of LeRoy's, apparently the "Walmart" of Lexington?

Actually Lexington, IN is more than a blink of the eye.
They had their own school.

They even had their own library.
We found this interesting, because in Kentucky
the county north of Lexington, KY is Scott County.

A few stores seemed to be occupied.

 The name of John Hunt Morgan rang a bell with me.
He is a part of Glasgow, KY history which is my home town.

It was an interesting old little town.
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  1. Huh. I had no idea. I've never heard of Lexington, IN, although I like what I see!


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