Monday, June 13, 2016

Memory Monday 12 ~ A Highpoint of My Life @ St. Simon's

 St. Simon's Island, GA, USA
at Sunrise
        One of the darkest, saddest times of my life was also a Highpoint of my life being one of the most fun, memorable and blessed times.
        At the right time I found a group called "Highpoint" at Calvary Baptist in Lexington.  Although it was a ministry supported by this Baptist church, several denominations were represented in this Christian group.
Each summer they took a trip and several were beach retreats.  I got to go on a few.  They will be fond memories and times I will remember forever.  I hope our leaders Doug and Margo know how important this program was to me and many others. They worked VERY hard.


We spent times together, alone,
crying and laughing
running around and sitting still
reading and playing games during the tropical storm which we barely noticed
and every other day or night, 
we gathered for a short Bible study
Found this fellow swimming in the pool one morning.
Actually, he couldn't get out and one of the guys used the net to rescue him.
Anyway, our Leaders had to move on. 
We hung on for a while, but as time went on the numbers became less.
I like to say I graduated.
Several of us have said we'd get a bunch of us together to have a beach retreat,
but we haven't
10 years later.
Great memories.
A Highpoint of my life.

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