Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Family Favorite: Low Carb Strawberry Dessert

Today I got what I consider a very high compliment from my college aged grand daughter.
She text me asking for my Strawberry dessert.

When I had to start eating low carb, I decided the pretzel salad 
I loved so well could be made without the pretzels.

After tweaking the recipe a few times, I came up with this lower carb version.
It quickly became a favorite at potlucks and family dinners.
Mr. G flutters when I make it for special events.

I think the Greek Yogurt makes the difference.
It's a mixture of tart and sweet.

Although this recipe has been popular on Pinterest after being posted over 4 years ago,
I thought I'd revisit this recipe today,
thanks to my Grand Daughter, Katy.
Hope her Low Carb Strawberry Dessert turned out well

Hope you go back and check it out
Low Carb Strawberry Dessert 

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