Tuesday, November 8, 2016

New Clippers ~ "Squeezers"

As you can see, I don't advertise on this blog and haven't even been asked to do a review.
I don't have the traffic that is worth the time.
However, I will share anything that helps me in terms of my handicap...
Mr. Arthritis.
I'm always checking out scissors/clippers with squeeze handles
"Squeezers" are just easier to pick up and use.

I found these on one of my trips to Winchester, KY.
I was interested in the small size with curved blades
to snip threads in my machine's embroidery hoop.

 It was interesting to find out the distribution company is just north of here in Cincy.

 They came with a protective cover for the blades.

 However, these clippers aren't a must have.
For those that just need the basics,
your favorite scissors would still work.
My most used scissors for clipping threads and small fabric snipping
is this pair of Fiskar "Squeezers."
I do have a nice pair of scissors for cutting fabric,
which I hid for years when I had family around the house.
I don't use them much now to cut fabric, but rather a rotary cutter that best fits my hand.

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