Saturday, November 19, 2016

Quilt Shot Block ~ Black, White + 1 Quilt Challenge

One of my Quilt Guild's Challenges this year was
a Black, white plus 1 color.

You can find more info about the beginning of this quilt
Quilt Shot Block ~ Elkhorn Creek 2016 Quilt Challenge Begins- Black, White, Plus 1- Disappearing 9 Patch 

 It took me 2 more days to finish this Disappearing 9 Patch lap quilt.
Here are some shots of those 2 days.
 Once again, I had to piece the batting together.
 Used 1 inch strips of light weight iron on interfacing.
I seem to use these strips for different reasons a lot, 
so the last time I had the interfacing out,
I just cut a bag full of them.
This was a time I really appreciated my old cordless iron.
Its about 25 years old.  It won't hold water anymore, but heats up well for this job.
 To butt the batting, I lay the layers over each other
then cut through them.
 Remove the scraps.

Seems like no matter how many times I check the underside, this still happens.
 This one inch wide ruler comes in handy to cut off the backing for self binding.
Since the batting isn't thick, I didn't bother cutting it off.
This leftover backing will be just the right size to make the rod holder for display
for the quilt guild.

 When I was a little girl, my dad used to get the Louisville Courier Journal Newspaper.
He taught me to look on the Editorial page to check out the political cartoon.
In those drawings would always be the name of the artist's wife hidden in the drawing.
So each day we got the newspaper in the mail,
I looked for "Lois" in the drawing.
As I was doing this quilting, I realized I could hide my name and date on this quilt.

Thank-you Mr. G for modeling my little quilt for me. 😄


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Shots made with Galaxy 4.


  1. I love this! From your guild's challenge (great idea!) to your +1 colour, to the 1" strips of iron-on interfacing to help hold the Franken-batt together, to hiding your name and date (I do that in pretty much every quilt, have done for years, as well as the recipient's name) to your quilt holder!

  2. Great quilt - love these colors!

  3. That is a beautiful quilt! I usually put my pieces of batting together with a long zig-zag stitch. I like your idea!

    1. Connie, I've done that too when I have long pieces to put together that have even edges. These were odd shaped pieces and I felt leaving them laying flat on the table and sliding my ironing underneath to iron these pieces together was a more accurate process.

  4. That is a cute idea to quilt your name and date into the quilt. Very nice fabric choices! I love the colors. I piece my batting together a lot too. Why waste it? Although, I never considered using interfacing, I have always bought the tape. I will have to give that a try.

  5. Love the black/white plus one challenge. Your yellow looks great. The story about the political cartoon and the artist hiding the name is cute! What a great way to get kids involved too. Lovely! Just consider me a new follower. Happy 2017! Good luck with some finishes this year.


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