Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Wordless Wednesday #23 ~ Surprise Purple Lily

On the side of the house, where I've pulled up weeds after the early spring take over & the sun has beamed hot and dried the ground rock hard, I found one sole purple lily that had been knocked over by the wind of the storm.  So, I brought it in the house.  Then I'm reminded that my Dad's, (he passed away this last April) favorite flowers are lilies.

There are some orange tiger lilies in the front of the house, but this is my third summer to have this house and there have been no lilies come up on that side of the house until now, especially this unusual purple color????

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  1. That is really a different color and what a surprise!

  2. Very pretty! I've never seen purple ones, the purple ones are gorgeous. We had lived in our first house for about 2 years with no sign of them, but that third spring we had a whole row show up right by the back door. I guess that's why they are called surprise lilies. We sure were.

  3. I love the surprise lilies! Hard to believe that something so pretty can be poisonous.

  4. That is a great surprise! They're gorgeous!


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