Saturday, July 21, 2012

Anatomy of a Covered Bridge

About 3 years ago, Mr. G. and I took a trip through the southwest area of Pennsylvania and thoroughly enJOYed following a map and finding covered bridges.  Something about them just fascinated us.  Maybe we were engineers in an earlier life?  I think it's the adventure of finding them on the country roads and the things you see getting there.

This time we used and once we figured out how to use it with Mr. G's HTC's GPS, we drove for 4 days over a big part of Indiana during 100 degree weather (weather channel fibbed and said it would be 85-90°.)

We started our adventure in Parke County Indiana where they take the claim of Covered Bridge Capital of the World & to have 31 bridges.

Above you see Bridges 1, 2, & 3.  Have you got any idea how many bridges we saw in 4 days?  don't know yet.  I haven't counted my pictures.

Below- Imagine our surprise when we crossed over this tree lined creek and popped out of this bridge to find a sunflower patch!

For bridge 5, we had a nice place to pull over and got to analyze the bridge more.  Here is the anatomy of a covered bridge.  Only a couple of bridges were different from this construction.


Lots of signs once posted?

Woodpecker job?


  Bridges 6-10; Bridges 11-13 ; Bridges 14-16; Bridges 17-27; Bridges 28-31

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  1. Oh, I love covered bridges almost as much as lighthouses and old barns! I would love to go on a trip to see covered bridges. I saw 2 or 3 on one of my trips to New Hampshire years ago.
    I love the one with the sunflowers. I hope you show us more! I'm going to check out your links.

  2. Gorgeous bridges -- enough to take my mind off of the heat for a few minutes!

    Thank you for sharing at RT this week, Joy. xo

  3. I love covered bridges and your photos are awesome! The bridge with the sunflower field is a gorgeous photo! We don't have covered bridges around this area. I wish we did. They're great photo subjects! I look forward to seeing more.

  4. LOVE LOVE LOVE these shots, esp the sunflower & bridge capture! WoW! Gorgeous!

    Missouri only has 4 covered bridges left in the state & only one is anywhere close to where I live... it's a beauty, too... I posted pics of it back in 2010, I think it was... I love all things old... my dad says I should have been born decades sooner! LoL! =)

  5. great pictures, and what a great trip together! :)

    thank you for sharing with 1440 at findingserendipity. hope you'll be back next friday!

  6. Not many of these left -- so wonderful to see.

    Thank you for sharing at Your Sunday Best this week.

  7. Thank you for sharing at Your Sunday Best this week.

  8. Wow, the time has flown by, I can't believe it's Wednesday already... I've been outside painting the house everyday, all day! Love your entry, thank you for sharing on Weekly Top Shot #40!

  9. Beautiful images Joy! I so enjoyed this post! :) thanks for linking up with the simple things!


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