Thursday, July 26, 2012

Indy Bridges 11, 12, 13

More Indiana bridges from our 4 day trip. 

Bridge # 11 
Wished it hadn't been so dry.  Pictures seem to be more gloomy because of dry grass and little water in the creeks.

Bridge # 12
 Photo taken by Mr. G.

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 The Dunbar bridge had lots of traffic while we were there. 

Bridge # 13

Bridges 1-5; Bridges 6-10; Bridges 14-16; Bridges 17-27; Bridges 28-31

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  1. I really like #12! It's one of the longer covered bridges I've seen and I like the choice of red paint. Speaking of paint, it's too bad the last one has been used for graffiti. I didn't realize Indiana has so many covered bridges.

  2. I love all these photos! I went to one of these bridges years ago when I was visiting southern Indiana, and they are so beautiful!

  3. Joy, I love seeing those big old red covered bridges almost as much as big old red barns!

  4. Oh what lovely photos! I love the water pictures. It reminds me of the creek where I used to live. Thank you for the delightful visit.


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