Friday, August 17, 2018

Fun or Funny Friday ~ Cheerleading Season Begins

 Recently had a friend with a cheerleading daughter to ask me to do an alteration on a uniform.
Then more cheerleaders needed help.
Alteration has never been a "fun" thing for me so it would normally not land on a Friday post.
However, I've learned to say no to alterations that require reconstruction. 
That's to say to take apart and put back together, especially if I can't put back the original look.
Too stressful.
But, these jobs required very simple tasks.
So it was fun and rewarding to see the girls happy with their better fitting uniforms.
 A need of a tighter waist,
 Involved only moving a button.
Should have had them watch me sew on a button?
After I moved the button, I realized I should have moved the other button
so if there is growth during the season
she can use the next button. Oh well.

 Seams taken up in top.
I used a double row, because I had to take out a stretch stitch from another skirt 
and it was not easy.
So, I altered realizing these stitches might be taken out in the future,
yet sturdy enough to allow for stretching and this seemed to work.
I know four girls that are ready for the season.
Go Cards.

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  1. Doing alterations is not fun and something I try to avoid at all costs. Sewing on a button is one thing, but the rest of it isn't something I relish. Right now I have two denim jackets (that were my creations originally) that need either alteration (one) or a new zipper (the other). I've put it off all summer and now with the cooler weather on the way I suppose she's going to want to wear them so I'd better bite the bullet and get at them.


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