Monday, August 6, 2018

Memory Monday 98 ~ July 2018 Wind Storm

 The other day we drove from Frankfort to Lexington, KY on the Old Frankfort road.
We quickly came across evidence of very old blown down trees.
In many cases the historical stone fences were damaged.

 Although on this drive most of the damage was closer to Frankfort and less as we approached Lexington.
However several in Lexington were without power for hours and some a couple of days!
Some away from Lexington were without power for up to four days.
I was fortunate. My power never went out as our little town got by easy.
Although, twice this summer, I've gone without power for 2 to 4 hours.
When I started feeling sorry for myself,
I thought of those in Puerto Rico that will soon be without power for a year
due to Hurricane Maria?
Storms, I guess, are a memory to make us feel thankful?

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  1. So sad to see the trees uprooted like that - Mother Nature is so powerful. Your last sentence in this post is something we can all stand to think about.


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