Saturday, August 11, 2018

Quilt Shot Block #111 ~ Dad's 9 Patch Square in a Square

Dad's 9 Patch Square in a Square
12½ inch 

 Continuing the memory quilt of Mother and Daddy's which tells stories,
I have to include about my Dad piecing quilts in the winter.
My grandmother had 8 children.
This was back in the day when farm families
 didn't shuttle their kids off to little league sports during the winter.
During cold snowy days in between farm chores,
Grandma C would sit all the kids down and have them piecing quilt blocks
"to keep them out of trouble" to quote my Dad.
We had a 9 patch quilt that Grandma C put together and hand quilted (the only way they did it then.)
Always loved hearing Dad tell that story.
So, I designed a block to honor that memory.
After a quick internet search, I can't find this block, so I gave this one a name.
Maybe someone knows about this block design?
 2½ inch squares from Mother and Daddy's various shirts, pants and house coat.
I'm making four of these blocks for the quilt.
 Dad had to hand stitch his block.  I had an aunt (his sister) that though it was sacrilege that
 I use a machine to stitch blocks.

 To make this a 12½ inch block,
the outside strips were cut to 2 inches in order to add on 1½ inches at a time.
To use fabric efficiently some pieces to stitched together to complete the strips.
It's just a quilt telling a story using their clothes.
Which by the way is what they used then or scraps from making clothes to make quilts then.

Two rounds of strips (squares) were added
in courthouse step fashion.

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  1. I love it, with all those shirt fabrics together! Have a beautiful weekend!

  2. Lovely memories for you, Joy! The blocks look great made with clothing. I think these blocks would also work well with scrap fabrics from the stash. I'd love you to add this to the Quilting and Patchwork linky, and/or the Reusing Shirts linky.

  3. I like all the different plaids. Reminds me of how my own dad loved to dress - he liked to wear a pair of hounds tooth pants and a plaid shirt and thought he looked quite spiffy. I suspect it wasn't so much that as he thought he was offending my sense of fashion.


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