Thursday, August 16, 2018

Thoughtful Thinking Thursday #150 ~ Remaking the Past

 Through all these years, 
I've managed to keep a purse I made in the early 70s
from a pair of jeans.
 Us Rebels, the so called Flower Child group,
started trying to save the world back then,
but several don't realize that.
My best friend Bonnie gave me this pattern
cut from a newspaper sheet.
Notice I used the fly to create an opening to a pocket on the flap.
The side pocket provided a pocket to the back side of the purse.
This purse was used a very long time.
I made several for gifts.
Surprisingly it had a lot of space for its size, so some were given as small diaper bags.
I made this one from an old pair of jeans
that were irreparable.
Just too many holes worn in the knee and other spots
from a lot of farm work like loading hay.
Not from just being put there for the "looks."
During the last house move, 
I lost that newspaper pattern.
I've decided to try to remake that pattern from the past.

Is there anything you have remade from the past?
"THINK about it."

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  1. Denim always stands the test of time. I loved working with it when I was making the recycled denim jackets but have had to give it up since I've developed 'Arthur' in my hands. I certainly miss it and manage to sneak in the odd small project...mostly tote bags.


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