Monday, August 20, 2018

Memory Monday 100 ~ Filling Station

Yes, I remember when they called them filling stations.
They filled your tank and washed your windows.
In 2016 when we visited Oregon the law required someone to fill your gas tank.
They said it was to help give people jobs.
I thought they were going to give Mr. G a ticket
because we didn't know about the law & someone came running to grab the pump hose out of his hand.
Come to find out, that person could have been fined for letting Mr. G pump the gas!
I understand on Jan. 5, 2018 that law changed to allow people in some rural areas
 to fill their own tank and many are unhappy.

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  1. We were surprised to find that same thing when we drove through parts of western Canada a couple of years ago. Here (southern Ontario) we are used to having to pump our own and it came as a total shock when we were told to leave it alone. Not only that, but in most places we had to pay for our gas BEFORE we filled up....which created a lot of consternation for us because we didn't have any idea of exactly how much we could expect to require to fill it. Evidently they charged the credit card and then refunded any difference if you overpaid. Seemed silly but supposedly it's to stop people from simply driving off without paying.


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