Friday, September 8, 2017

Fun or Funny Fri Foto ~ Sewing Room 2017

 Just a quick update on the sewing room.
My fun place to be most any day of the week.
Hasn't changed much.

Although a lot of fabric and thread has been used,
more has been added.
Last week I received a mother-lode of fabric scraps from a friend.
I moved books from this shelf at the top of the steps just outside my sewing room
to store these fabric pieces by color.
The small walk-in closet contains more fabric, quilt battings, and Mother and Momma's feed sack fabrics. 
Ribbons and other quilt projects are stored here.
My folded step ladder is here as well.
The dress form and sewing machine caddy is stored here as well.
They are out of my way when not in use, yet I can remove them quickly so 
they can easily be removed so the HVAC guy can easiy access the unit for maintenance.
The hand basket contains special patterns.
The best decision was when I created this corner desk.  
I love working here where I can do small cutting, ironing/pressing
journaling and researching the internet.
Today the Singer Quantum is set up.  
The big Ellisimo is in the shop waiting for a new threader.
I enjoy using the Singer so much.  Actually relaxing. Not sure why I don't use it more.
I had bought it for the bobbin spool thread holder thinking it would be great for quilting.
Come to find out, that feature only works when embroidering. 
Since this is an older machine, only using cards & doesn't have direct connection to the computer,
 I have no embroidery files.
Seriously trying to think of a way to set up the Ellisimo somewhere permanently for embroidery use only,
and use this machine for sewing.
Running out of room.

Perhaps a real good reason to reorganize the Quilting room so I can show it off?


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