Saturday, September 9, 2017

Quilt Shot Block #95~ Chain and Hour Glass

Chain and Hour Glass
12 ½ inch

For over a year, I've had this block chosen to make.
The arrows in the middle are intriguing. 

Another block found in this book I bought back in the 80s.
It just shows black and white drawings.
The coloring is left to my imagination as well as the pattern.

To make a 12½" block, 4½" blocks will be needed.
The quarter square triangle squares will start with squares measuring 5 3/4 inch.
That's the easy part.
The difficult calculation is dividing a 4½ inch square into 3 equal parts.
Here was my solution.

 Fold into equal parts.  
Use a little trial and error.
Use the folds to guide stitching.

 Cut the green block in half.
Stitch down the fold line aligning with marks.

To make the quarter square triangles:

 A very accurate method.

Lines on this ruler were very helpful in trimming.

Possible quilts
 None rotated.

Ever other block rotated once.

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