Sunday, September 3, 2017

Sun Best ~Total Solar Eclipse of 2017

Throughout my life there has been a lot of total solar eclipses,
 but just not close to where I lived for me to witness such an event.
The closest has probably been the one that went along the east coast March, 1970
I remember it get a tad shady.
Mr. G & I were so fortunate to experience the generous hospitality of my cousin and her husband
of Paducah, KY after I invited myself to come on visit to see this wonderful thing of nature
that God has made. 
We traveled mostly the back roads after church, enjoying our 4 hour Sunday drive across Kentucky.
Dawson Springs, Kentucky was our first hint of the event.
Vendors had set up in town, and first responders had set up a station.
A few campers were down by the river.
We'd heard this area and Hopkinsville, Ky had practiced dealing with large crowds.

However, even though we were traveling the highway and not interstate,
there was absolutely no more traffic than a normal Sunday.
Paducah was it's normal self, if anything traffic was light.
My cousin said everyone tends to stay home if possible for big events like the quilt convention,
and this event was just as big.
With the exception of a few teaser clouds that made us think they might cover the sun,
and the temperature being a muggy 94 with heat index of 101,
we considered it a great day for an eclipse.
A lot of experimenting went on with our cameras trying to use the glasses to catch a shot.
Mr. G finally figured out to hold the glasses about 3 inches from the camera eye to get a good shot.
We watched most of the show outside, even though it was blasting hot.
(Oh yes, this yard is in town and the dear visit them all the time.)
I kept looking for the moon crescents to show through the leaves, but couldn't find them.
Deda kept looking for the "snakes" just before the total eclipse.
Seems the folks just outside the total zone saw the crescents better?

That eerie time when it just started getting darker. Hard to describe.
When the crickets and tree frogs started chirping loudly,
I had to turn on my camera to capture the noise.
Then, it started happening so I never turned off the camera.
The results is this 5 minute video of the total eclipse occurring
with our excited voices narrating the event.
I was trying to hold the phone video and my other camera while Mr. G wanted to take a selfie of us.
A lot to do in a minute.

We think the bright star to the right is Venus,
although Mercury was to be to the right but not as shiny.
So, not sure.

I've watched the video over and over,
because I just can't believe I got to witness it.
I'm so glad I posted it to Facebook, because last week
my entire card of pictures and videos somehow deleted!
We were also thankful we got to stay an extra night,
because we later heard the traffic was tied up all over the state from people leaving 
the total eclipse area.
The next morning we had a beautiful drive to Louisville where we took in the State Fair.
Now, to 2024, where there will be a total eclipse again in Paducah!

*Happy Birthday today My Mother in heaven*

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