Tuesday, September 5, 2017

Easy 3 Step Skirt for Any Size

Here is the 3 step skirt process I've created using a special elastic waist application. 

You can make this skirt for any size, including any size dolls.

Tuesday Tutorial

  1. Buying yardage.
    First measure your waist and hips.
    If fabric is 45 inch wide & will go around waist buy the length you want the skirt + 3 inches.
  2. Make sure fabric is squared. Straight across the bottom and top. Both sides must be same length.
 Step 1: Hem (or consider doing hem last?)
Across bottom fold ½ inch. Press as you fold.
Repeat: fold another ½ inch. Press as you fold.
This is a double folded hem.
Top stitch along the edge (not bottom edge.)

Step 2: Elastic Waistband
This method was introduced back in 2012 entitled
Sew Easy Elastic Waist Bands- Not Just a Granny Thing
Mark length of elastic by waist measurement ,
DO NOT cut elastic
Lay elastic ½ inch from top edge.
Triple stitch (back and forth and back)
the end ¼ inch from side edge on your right facing
wrong side of fabric.

 Fold over top of fabric at bottom edge of elastic,

 Fold back along the edge of the original top
as if you are folding paper for a fan.

 With a straight stitch or serger
sew along edge being careful
not to stitch into elastic.

Gently pull elastic through as you sew, because it will be shorter than the fabric.

Triple stitch the end when you get to mark.
Then cut off remaining elastic.

Step 3: Side Seam
Pin together at top
Start 4 or 5 stitches in and back stitch to top. Then stitch down to hem. Make sure hem meets evenly.

**--If waist & hip measurement are too large for 45 inch wide fabric, then consider the 60 inch fabric or

Buy 2 lengths of 45 inch fabric.
For example you want a 24 inch length skirt + 3 inches= 27x2 lengths
buy 54 inches or 1 ½ yds. (which you will divide into 2 lengths.)
Sew one side seam together resulting in a 90x27 rectangle. This will be a very full skirt. You can trim down the width if you like.
 *** You might consider doing the hem last to make sure the hem is even all around the bottom.

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