Tuesday, February 14, 2017

How to Make a Billow = Blanket + Pillow

   Years ago back in the 80s, I heard about quillows. I'm thinking I first heard about these quilts being folded inside a cover to make a pillow from the Georgia Bonestill quilting show on PBS?  As I researched the web and especially You Tube for Christmas gift ideas, I came across this idea.  I especially liked Quillow with a Twist by Sew Very Easy.
    I took the "Quillow with a Twist" blanket idea and made what I'm calling a Billow = blanket + pillow. These were made for grand daughters.

*A Tutorial Tuesday*
I first decided on the size I wanted for the pillow cover by folding the blanket in fourths and thirds. 
 I decided fourths would be easy to fold and was a descent size.
I had done a little quilting work on my letter which I did not do with the other billows I made.
You can see here that I finished the edges of the quilted letter block before I added the backing fabric.
Cut the backing fabric the same size as the block and place right sides together.
Stitch around outside edge leaving an opening at the TOP for turning.

Turn right side out and stitch opening closed.

Pin on corner of blanket as shown.
Notice the pillow cover is laying close to the edge of the blanket but not going past the corner.
Stitch on 3 sides leaving opening across entire bottom edge.

Stitch close to the edge of pillow cover which is laying close to edge of blanket.

Fold blanket to fit over cover.

Turn right side out between the cover and the blanket.

 Wa La, you have a blanket hiding inside the pillow = BILLOW

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  1. What a great idea Joy, I love it. Thanks for the lovely, detailed instructions. I'm definitely going to be making some for my kids


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