Monday, February 27, 2017

Memory Mon 40 ~ Sewing Journal

Sometimes I wonder if I keep too many journals.
Most are to help me remember.
My sewing journal tells what I did each time I visited my sewing room.
Such as:
choosing fabrics
researching my books & magazines
and of course sewing.
I write down pattern numbers, & measurements used, 
Notes of what did and didn't work
and sometimes I tape swatches of fabric.
My Christmas list and what was made for each
So I don't make the same thing and give again.
When someone asks me to sew something for them
I write it down including necessary info just in case I need to repeat.
Yes, I refer to it a LOT, so I guess it's not a waste of time.
The composition notebook holds ideas and usually lays by my bed, 
because I do grab it if I have a thought when trying to go to sleep.
It also goes to the Quilt Guild with me.
The book holds some quilt patterns I still want to make.
It occurs to me that writing a book is actually another way to journal.
The yellow cup in the foreground that holds tiny scraps and thread cuttings
commemorates where my girls and a grand daughter went to high school.
I have fond memories of sewing prom and wedding dresses for them during that time.
How do you preserve your memories so you can remember?
Think about it.
Thanks to the FREE program

 Photoscape for downsizing & watermarking photo & other alterations to pictures.


  1. I really should keep a journal like this, Joy. It would make life easier! So often, I try to remember how the measurements of a project and become frustrated enough to tear something apart to get them. I'm much better at taking photos and keep digital photo albums of my projects. I'm curious what you do with your slivers of fabric scraps and thread cuttings...I do the same!

    1. Kathy I will try to remember to edit this post with a picture of a page from my journal that includes where I taped the fabric scraps which remind me what fabric I used to make the item.


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