Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Quilt Fest of Jacksonville 2015 ~ Part 3

      AND here are MORE from the Quilt Fest of Jacksonville!   Some of these had such awesome detail I just had to share.  I hope these quilters don't mind that I brag on their work.
@ the Quilt Fest of Jackonsville, FL 
 I had never seen stars like this quilt had.
So I have cropped to highlight each one.

 And the following was my favorite:
Seems like winning quilts had just a touch of bling.
Some quilts had just as much work on the back as the front.
Glad there were ladies waiting and eager to show us the back side.  I suggested they be hung single so you could view the back side. Maybe that should be a category itself and be displayed as such to show the backs.
I took a picture of this quilt, because it reminded me of the memory quilts I'm working on now.

 A Christmas quilt.
 Check out the use of the black and white speckled background fabric to emulate snow.

Finally, if you have a very large print fabric,
don't think you can't use it to piece a quilt.
Check this one out.
I hope you are getting in the mood to find the closest quilt exhibit.
Nothing like being there to see quilts in person.

..................to be continued.

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You MUST check them out for great ideas!
  PhotoScape used to resize & watermark shots
I've been using this software in place of Photoshop for several years.


  1. These are all so incredible. It makes me feel like I should be using all of my scraps for quilting. But the truth is I would never finish it.

  2. Lovely quilts, I love those houses - great use of texture. Thank you for sharing these.

  3. What beautiful quilts! That first star quilt is amazing! And I love the Christmas quilt.


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