Monday, October 12, 2015

Quilt Fest of Jacksonville 2015 ~ Part 2

      SO many more quilts to share.  I was so happy I was allowed to take pictures. 
       I happened to start on what I would call the "Pro Lane" of quilts. One moment I felt, "Why try?" and the next moment I was motivated. 
     Here are a few more shots of the Quilt Fest.  
@ the Quilt Fest of Jackonsville, FL 

 Look at that border!

 A log cabin leaf!

Finally I'll end with the following:
From this above
to this below!
Can you imagine the time this took? be continued.
Find more quilts
Quilt Fest @ Jacksonville Part 1 
Quilt Fest @ Jacksonville Part 3
You MUST check them out for great ideas!
  PhotoScape used to resize & watermark shots
I've been using this software in place of Photoshop for several years.


  1. Some gorgeous quilts! Such inspiration. Thanks for sharing!

  2. Beautiful quilts! Thanks for sharing (I'm off to part 3). :-)

  3. Such pretty quilts, and love that leaf log cabin!

  4. Lovely post! Thank you for linking up with the OMHG WW & sharing with us! Please come link up again this week at!! Have a wonderful rest of the week! xx


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