Thursday, October 29, 2015

Candy Corn Bookmarks- Free PES File

         More non-candy treats.  These can go with the Pumpkin Bookmarks.  They could be used as a "FALL" bookmark as well.
          This post shows how I used scraps to make a set of 6 bookmarks.  Go ahead, download the free PES file.  Don't use PES files?  There are free programs to be found online to convert the file. 
           I used to think I would never justify using an embroidery machine, because I wouldn't need flowers on my clothing.  Check out my new page found on the top bar of this blog entitled Free Embroidery Files and see the files I have created.  They are not clothing embellishments, AND they all are FREE!
 Begin making these like the Pumpkin Bookmarks.
Frame the fabric and heavy stabilizer. 
Do all embroidery except last 2 steps.
Take hoop out of machine, 
place lining on back 
proceed with last 2 embroidery steps.

This does waste a lot of fabric.
I made a second set using the scraps.
Hoop the stabilizer.
Stitch the first round on the stablizer.
Don't worry about skipped stitches.
Use enough fabric to cover the stitch marks.
Use an adhesive of your choice along the edges where the needle won't be running.
Painter's tape works well also.  I reuse the tape until it no longer sticks.
Embroider all steps except last 2 and add back in same way.
Consider placing adhesive inside book marks.
Finish last 2 steps of embroidery.
Very little leftover using this method.

Please note, stitching won't happen in expected order.  Eventually all are stitched.
Here are ways to use leftover stabilizer:

Embroidery Stabilizer Scrap Use Tip 

 Freehand Lettering

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Photoscape for downsizing, watermarking photos & editing.
Pic Monkey for labeled icon at beginning of post

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  1. Great to see these Candy Corn Bookmarks.... and thank you very much for the PES file.. I am also looking for some JPG to PES convertor... Thanks.


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