Monday, October 31, 2011

Satin Pillow from ....

.....left over fabric about 15 years ago used to make the "dummy" wedding dress for fitting purposes for my daughter.  Fabric for some reason was like a $1 a yard.  I guess no one needed the color.
   Here is the picture story of how I made the pillow on a Sunday afternoon with a walk in the park in between 2 short sessions at the cutting table and sewing machine.
   First, I lost the first step which was to cut a rectangle about 3 sizes the length of the pillow. Then:

 Walk in the park

 Cut a lining if the print of the pillow is going to show through a single layer.
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  1. What a lovely finish to the front of the pillow!!! Looks fabulous!!! I would love it if you would share this, your sweater pillows and any other pillows you've made, at our ongoing linky...
    I've only just seen pillows made from sweaters and I can see what you mean about eyeing off pillows for their texture and the possibilities of making into pillows.

    And, no, you can't have too many pillows... LOL!!!

  2. I can see you've already linked up. Sorry, I read my emails before I checked the link party page. Thanks for linking up your pillows!

    1. No problem. You've inspired me to go ahead and tell about another pillow I made recently for a friend. I hope you enjoy it as well.


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