Saturday, October 29, 2011

Punkin Time

Last spring I found an old orange blanket @ Salvation Army.  It was beginning to come apart but I like the orange, fuzzy fabric.  I'm bad about seeing things as fabric that I can make something.  So I took a chance of it not falling apart after I laundered it.  A section from the center did come off on one side.  Still, I've had this idea in my head all month because it was orange!

 This summer my neighbor found out I liked to sew and gave me a box of upholstery samples she didn't want anymore.
 I pulled this one for the texture.
 Cut an Orange rectangle about 10 X 14 and a 3x5 brown rectangle.
 Folded orange rectangle length wise and serged.  I forgot and left it in stretch stitch mode but that was ok for this project.
 Gathered one end by pulling up bobbin thread and combining with top thread and pulled a length long enough to go around the full edge and then some extra.  Zigzaged over these threads which became the gathering thread. 
 After the gathering thread, pulled one end tight, used it to wrap and secure the end.  Then turned right side out.  Did the same to the other end.
 I stuffed mine with plastic shopping bags.
 Used 6 strand embroidery thread to wrap tightly around top to bottom 3 times.  Remember nature isn't perfect here either.
 Roledl the brown rectangle on a slight angle.  I just happened to have a piece of green fabric from quilting and stitched on a leaf.

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