Thursday, January 7, 2016

Machine Embroidered Candy Cane Bookmark- Free PES file

         For Machine Embroiders, get an early start on next year's giving season and make some book markers to add to your gifts.  Please find below the directions & the PES file that I digitized.  Remember if you don't use PES files, you can convert it to suit your machine.

               Choose the thread colors as you like. I have made a color change in thread to cause the machine to stop just in case you would like to have different parts different colors.

Download PES File HERE
Hoop fabric and stabilizer.

Step 1- An outline stitch is stitched to hold down fabric for embroidering.

Step 2 & 3- The candy cane & the word "read" will be embroidered. 


Step 4- Take hoop out of machine, but DO NOT take fabric out of hoop.
Add backing fabric to the backside as done here. Replace hoop. An outline stitch will be stitched to hold the backing in place.

Step 5- Choose color for the satin stitched edge.

Step 6- Remove fabric from hoop and carefully trim book markers.  For neatness, remove as much of the frayed threads as possible.

Maybe you have a favorite librarian like I do, that could use a few book markers in the library's treasure box?
You can find more information and Candy Corn book markers HERE.
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