Friday, January 15, 2016

Thoughtful Thinking Thursday #30~ ADD Reader?

            It was a weird January day on the Cocoa Beach.  The way she would imagine a British morning minus the fog horn. The gentle breeze was causing the fog to float by. Apparently the ocean water was warmer than the low 60 degree temperature thus causing the sea fog.  By 2 pm she thought surely the sun would come out and greet her, but it failed her.  
             Some had seemed surprised she had been working on quilt pieces rather than reading, so here she was with her book.
                She settled down in the sea fog to start a book a special friend had given her.  Knowing her interest in quilts and the Civil War,  the gift was perfect.  
            She opened the book and found the inside cover full of quilt patterns.  There she paused to analyze each individual block to determine how it was put together.  Finally she thought, I'm here to read, move on.
                 Turning to the first page, she started reading.  After about the fourth line, she stopped to look at the upper corner, a quilt pattern no less. She had to analyze it as well. What was the name of that pattern? She thought about looking it up online, but decided she was here to read.  
                  Moving on she began to realize this book was about different Civil War families sending off a loved one to fight the war.  A very special quilt was beginning to be connected to each family story. This could be good she thought. 
                  Oh! She noticed a bird beside her apparently expecting to be fed?  
                  Must read! Another page, another family.
                  Third page, the lady picks up some darning.  
                  Darning? Where did I put those needles?  I know I packed some and I need them to put a button back on one of Mr. G's shirts.
                  I'm here to read!
                     Read? After years of diagnosing children's reading problems & being a slow reader myself,  I have finally self diagnosed myself!  I'm calling it ADD Reading.  I can't keep my attention on reading sometimes. Too much stopping and thinking about what I just read, or something around me.  I'm reminded of the dog in the movie that hollers, "Squirrel!"

                    Like most any past time interests I do, I have to be in the mood.  Right now the mood happens to be with that sewing machine or a crochet needle where I can look up often and enjoy the view of the ocean.  Good books will come later, but maybe sometime later when birds aren't scrutinizing me?
@ Cocoa Beach, Florida
Just think about it.


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