Sunday, January 24, 2016

Sun Best ~ Giant Philodendron

@ St. Augustine, FL, USA
My first glance at these reminded me of the Elephant Ear plant
  which a lot of people in Kentucky raise outside in the summer.

The Elephant Ear grows from a bulb and doesn't vine/climb like this plant.
 Mr. G's sister said this is a Philodendron.
I'm glad they painted the building red, so the plant contrasts and its beauty stands out.
Mr. G did a great job capturing these plants.
Thanks to:
Photoscape for downsizing, watermarking photos & editing.

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  1. I haven't seen philodendron with variegated leaves like that - it's an unusual & beautiful vine. Thanks for sharing at

  2. The leaves are very pretty!

  3. Pretty trees, the philodendron look unlike any other vines I have seen.

  4. very pretty.
    best regards
    susa from Hamburg


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