Friday, September 28, 2018

Fall 2018 Trip North- Day 4, Part 2- Across the U.S./Canadian Border

 On northward on the road from St. Ignace, Michigan
We were expecting some change in green leaves,
but all were still as green as possible.

 Lots of farm land,
which reminded us of Kentucky.

 The trees in my Kentucky backyard had more of a yellow & orange tint than these trees.

 Sault Saint Marie, Michigan and Sault Saint Marie, Ontario
sit on the St. Marys River where Lake Superior and Lake Huron come together.

 The U.S. and Canadian line at the St. Marys River.

We waited in 1 or 2 rather long lines to go into Canada while the rest of the booths were closed.
Kinda reminded me of waiting in 2 lines of running check out lines while 24 cash register lines are not open
 at a well known large discount chain store. 
Day 4, Part B

Aggregated Map


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  1. Of course you know how much I love that barn! Welcome to Canada!!!


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