Tuesday, September 11, 2018

Choosing Pictures for Cards

   I used pictures from old magazines for some cards I've made recently.  I've been using fabric to cover up the busy work on the back of the cover of the card.  While working on Junk Journals, I decided, some pictures could work for my handmade cards.
    Some pictures were wasted because they didn't work out because I didn't estimate correctly how the picture would fit on the card.  I decided to make a frame to help me decide on pictures.

Tuesday Tutorial

 Just a full sheet of scrap paper.
 Since my cards are made of a half sheet of card stock folded in half again,
I folded this sheet in fourths.
 Cut away a shy 1/2 inch on the unfolded edges.

Tape together the unfolded edges.

 As you can see, the picture will cover one side of the card.

 The frame helps decide if a full picture can be acquired without words.
 Without the frame I wouldn't know if I could use the butterfly without including the lady's hair.
The inside of the frame lets me see the picture,
while the outer edge tells me where to cut.
Beautiful picture, but as you can see, 
by the time the outer edge is cut, the lady's hair & letters would be included.

 For a little fisherman in my life?
Although I folded the paper in fourths to draw these flowers (for last week's tutorial),
the frame helped me to visualize the flower better.

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