Sunday, September 30, 2018

Fall 2018 Trip North- Day 4, Part 4 - Massey, Ontario to Sudbury, Ontario

 Sudbury was a city rather spread out.
Ended up driving through a neighborhood to get turned around.
After this LONG day of a LONG drive, we
finally made it to the Holiday Inn where we found out they had us booked for NEXT week!
They said they couldn't change the reservation because it was a no refund reservation!
After being on the phone with for at least 45 minutes,
we found out that Holiday Inn computers were messed up and thus booked us for wrong date.
Holiday Inn told the computer wouldn't allow them to refund money.
At that point, said they would refund the money
and tried to help me make a reservation for that night with Holiday Inn.
According the website, several rooms were available,
but after several tries, the reservation would not go through.
Found out the Holiday Inn computers were still messed up.
The wonderful guy finally refunded our money,
I got back on the site myself,
made a reservation for Microtel in the northern part of town,
where the folks were very friendly and we loved the comfortable room and 
my arthritis loved the bed.
Not sure I'll be trying Holiday Inn again.
Day 4, Part 4

Aggregated Map

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  1. Seems there's always some sort of snafu when it comes to accommodation reservations, no matter where you are. Computers are good things - when they're working! So sorry you had to fight to get your money refunded - that's not nice.


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