Friday, September 21, 2018

Fall 2018 Trip North- Day 2, Part 4- Indiana

Richmond, Indiana
As I was saying in the previous post,
we were just driving through Richmond until we were
intrigued by the water tower
and did a circle around drive through the torn up,
reconstructed down town.
Looked interesting.

 We were actually surprised find this rather unknown town to use,
so metropolitan like.

 Obviously some take over of downtown warehouses.

 On the oustside of town, I thought we were coming upon a different version of Frischs.
but not.

 Ceylon Bridge
Wabash Township, Indiana

 Berne, Indiana
We stayed at Clock Tower Inn for the night of Day 2.
We had stayed there a few years back when we were on the 127 yard Sale.
We are told the hotel is run by the local Amish.
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Day 2 Part 2
Day 2 Part 3

The Route for All of Day 2
We saw a total of 10 covered bridges over northern Ohio & Indiana
A LOT of miles covered that day made for a long, wonderful day.

Aggragated Map

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  1. I love seeing your maps showing your route - all those jiggedly lines that show you were indeed off the beaten path. One wonders at the reason for the Mickey, Minnie and the rusty (?) mini volkswagon cars - why are they there - perhaps part of a museum.


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