Sunday, September 16, 2018

Fall 2018 Trip North- Day 1, Part 1

 We interrupt the regular schedule of this blog to bring you our trip
north that started September 4, 2018.
I am still recovering my strength from whatever virus I had last fall,
so it takes me a LONG time to pack.
It was very hot, but Mr. G and I managed to get on the road around 12:30 pm.
After a lunch at Red Robin in Florence, KY,
we headed across the Ohio river.

 We actually went back into Indiana again for a bit.
 We had no real plans for this trip other than we would drive into Canada somewhere.
We let weather, hotel prices and places to visit guide our way.
Being the covered bridge nuts we are, that's what I decided to punch into the map.
We've actually visited a lot of covered bridges in Indiana and Ohio,
so I was surprised to see there were still several we hadn't seen.
So off we went.

 Mile marker posts every tenth mile up and down the short road leading to the bridge.
 Floor of this bridge

 I didn't know Mr. G and shot a deer! with the camera.
 He checked Mr. G out,
 Then walked away.
 We might have left late at 12:30 and really didn't get going until after lunch at 2:30, 
but we were amazed how much ground we covered and 
still managed to get to the hotel by 6 the first night
and not so worn out.
I guess it pays to pace yourself and not rush?
Since this post is so long,
Day 1 will be finished tomorrow.

Day 1 Part 2
Day 2 Part 1
Day 2 Part 2
Day 2 Part 3

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  1. I wish there were covered bridges in this area but I don't know of any. I might have to expand my fascination with barns to include them!


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