Thursday, September 27, 2018

Fall 2018 Trip North- Day 4, Part 1- Mackinaw City, MI Tractor Show

 After a great breakfast at Michigan Inn & Lodge in Petoskey, Michigan
we headed north.

Mackinaw City, Michigan is a cute tourist town.
It didn't take me long to find out why the hotels were expensive.

A bunch of the roads were closed because of a big tractor celebration.
We can tell you the best way to view the tractor parade,
which we accidentally found out.
Instead of joining the hundreds of people that were sitting on the street sides,
get on the interstate which is the only way to cross the bridge 
after the tractor parade starts across the bridge.
 we passed up every kind of tractor possible.
 No way we could have counted,
but we know there were 100s of tractors.

 Miles and miles of tractors that started somewhere in
Mackinaw City.
Men, women and couples driving and riding tractors 
that proudly displayed the United States Flag.

 We don't know if all the tractors were of one organization
or several.
 There was a break down.
I guess with that many tractors, you should expect one,
but who better to tow than another tractor friend?
 To add to it all on this interstate traffic,
there was construction going on the other side,
where many construction workers had stopped to watch the parade.

The tractors didn't have to stop at the toll booth like we did,
but I guess they had to pay a parade entry fee?
We don't like to travel boring interstates,
it appeared we were still allowed to travel along with the tractors,
so we did.
 St. Ignace, Michigan is on the other side of the bridge,
where many were waiting to see the parade of tractors.

 This little town is also another big tourist town.
This is where you can catch a ferry to Mackinaw Island.
 This little fellow was having his own parade.

 Yes this tractor was passing us.
He turned left at the next street.
 We soon found out these tractors were headed back
to their trailors and trucks that transported them.
 What we are still trying to figure out is how did the massive number of tractors get to 
Mackinaw City to be in the parade,
and the trailers and trucks in St. Ignace?

Interesting towns & 
interesting experience we accidentally found.
Couldn't have planned this so easily.
Day 4

Aggregated Map

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  1. Two wows - all those tractors, and that huge hot dog!! I absolutely love the photo of the young lad with his own tractor parade - how charming is that.


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