Saturday, September 15, 2018

Quilt Shot Block ~ Elkhorn Creek Quilt Guild, Aug. 2018 Show & Tell

by: Tara
 One of my favorite things about being a member of a quilt guild
is "Show & Tell" time.
 Sometimes its hard to get pictures of all the works,
and the names of the artist.
However, we do have a picture directory coming out soon,
so hopefully I'll be able to attach artist names to all the quilts.
Meanwhile, enjoy these works by our members.
 A T-shirt quilt made for someone that works with the Extension office.
 The above quilt also had some embroidery that included coloring as seen in close-up below.

 by Jeanne B.

We show work of any progress from blocks & quilt tops to finished quilted quilts.
Other items are shown as well.
There was one bag shown but I was unable to get a close picture.

It's already time for our next meeting which is next week!
If you live in this area, you are more than welcomed to come and visit and especially join!
You might just want to be a part of the guild just to see Show & Tell?
Additional Quilt Blocks & Tips can be found on my 
Quilt Page

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  1. I agree that show & tell is the best (also called bring & brag!). I re-joined our quilt guild last week and am looking forward to seeing all the wonderful creations over the next year.


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