Saturday, September 22, 2018

Fall 2018 Trip North- Day 3, Part 1- Indiana-Michigan

 As we left out from our Wednesday night's stay in Berne, Indiana, 
we checked the weather of northern Michigan to see if the hard rain had left the area.
It had. So we decided to head north to spend Thursday night 
so we could get on through the Sault Ste Marie (pronounce Sue Saint Marie) area
before the weekend approached because hotel costs were outrageous!

 Truly an outlet with a ton of low priced fabrics.
Worth the trip just for fabrics.
I bought a whole bolt of black fabric for $2.25/yd because I bought over 10 yards.
I can always use black.
THE color I run out of most.
 Ligonier, Indiana
 This area is heavily populated by Amish folks.
 We had to make a 25 minute detour in Howe because the main road of a town was taken out.

Headed toward our first covered bridge of Michigan.

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  1. The field of sunflowers is beautiful and I loved the tree trunk carvings. Great steal for fabric too!


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