Monday, October 1, 2018

Fall 2018 Trip North- Day 5, Part 1- Sudbury to Toronto, Canada

 So we spent a night in Canada
and found out our You Tube TV subscription didn't let us pick
up the SEC channel that would be providing the
University of Kentucky/Florida football game.
You Tube only picked up channels provided by cables in the area.

 We also noticed the only cable U.S. news channels provided in
Sudbury were the liberal news channels.
Nowhere was the opposite end of the U.S. political spectrum provided.

 Since we hadn't had the best of time in Canada,
my gut feeling told me this wasn't the time.
Needed to try another part of Canada another time?
We decided to spend the day getting back across the border somewhere
so we could watch the 7:30 pm ballgame.
We were afraid to try Toronto and fail to be able to watch the game,
plus hotel prices were outrageous.
I later found out the film festival was going on in Toronto.
  We had a great breakfast at Microtel.....BACON!!!!
and it was a frisky morning of 48°F.
Since we had a lot of miles to cover,
and were tired of rough roads,
we decided to try the interstate.
It was a great ride!
The only rest stops on this highway 
consisted of 2 portapotties,
but at least a large parking area so trucks could stop.

 Immediately we started see rock balancing.
 Many sightings all the way to Toronto.
 Would you believe the speed limit was 55mph on this interstate type highway?
Unbelievable. Yes, everyone passed us as if we were standing still.
We had to wonder if this was the minimum speed limit?
After all the minimum on most U.S. interstates is 45 mph.
 After about an hour of 4 lane driving,
it went to 2 lane, but still smooth road.
 Not sure a lot of rock balancing was going on,
but the rock stacking was interesting.

 For miles on the 2 lane highway,
there were temporary "no left turn" signs
at every single turn off.
We finally decided the left was property bought for building another 2 lanes.
 We began to get see some beautiful lake scenes.
 Back to a 4 lane highway about 2 hours north of Toronto.

 This one house on an island reminded me of the Thousand Island area
around Alexandria Bay in upstate New York

 Some gorgeous farm land began to appear.

 As we approached Toronto
the road became wider with more lanes.
and more traffic.
The time was about 1:30 pm on a Saturday.
Day 5, Part 1

Aggregated Map

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  1. Lots of things for me to comment on this time! 1. Those little piles of rocks are called 'inukshuks' and they are iconic symbols used by the Inuit people as a landmark. Now they are adopted by pretty much everyone. 2. I suspect the temporary 'no left turn' signs were likely because they would lead to a road that was under heavy-duty construction and most likely impassable. 3. Barrie is where our #1 son and his family live! If I'd known you were there maybe we could have managed to meet...darn. 4. The Holland Marsh is where much of our produce is grown - the land there is very rich. I believe it was once under water and has been drained leaving soil perfect for growing vegetables. 5. Our speed limits here ARE lower than in the US I know. A number of years ago the politicians decided that higher limits were leading to a lot of deaths so the limit was lowered. Now there's talk of putting it back up again because nobody abides by the law anyway. Most police officers will turn a blind eye if you are keeping up with the traffic (provided you're not doing TOO much over)....they are watching more for erratic drivers who weave in and out and are an accident waiting to happen. Having said that - be more careful when going through small towns where there's danger of children darting out - it's best to stick to the limit through those areas.
    I'm sorry you had a bad experience through our beautiful part of the country and were disappointed. I hope that doesn't affect your thoughts about our country!

    1. Thank you so much Magpie for this rich information. We could tell there was a rich Indian heritage in this area. Another thing we thought about the speed limit was possibly to conserve energy? We know a lot of Canada is very "green" thinking. I look forward to going back to Canada. I know there are great parts to visit. Was just one of those trips. We do honor speed limits through small towns everywhere. I went to school in a very small town & the police there usually didn't honor that 10 mph over. Better to be safe anyway.


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