Tuesday, October 16, 2018

Fall 2018 Trip North Day 7, Part 4- Mackinaw City, Michigan: Old Mackinac Point Lighthouse

 You have a treat in this post.
Mr. G took most all the shots!
When I can't walk the trail, 
I get to see his shots.
 Meanwhile, I stay in the car,
using my phone to check out the map
down the road,
things to see and do
and possible hotels.

 Still quiet impossible to get a picture of the entire length of the toll bridge
that carries I75 & Hwy 31/75 (the same 31E & 31W in Kentucky) across the waters
that connect Lake Michigan to Lake Huron.
It is a toll bridge, but thank goodness they still have toll booths
and there was no backup on this busy Interstate and Highway combined.
Its the only bridge around for miles.
The only other alternative might be a ferry?
I despise having to pay tolls via the internet. 
You always end up overpaying, instead of paying exact amount.
 Wikipedia says the bridge is 4.995 miles long.
There is a site that includes a web cam if you are interested.
 That means on Day 4, Part 1 when we were in the Tractor Parade,
with tractors covering the bridge,
some still in Mackinaw City and some already finished in St. Ignace,
There were over 5 miles of tractors,
bumper to bumper. 
When reading the website,
it shows there was a foot race on Labor Day weekend.
I'm surprised that a busy Interstate bridge
is used so often for such events.

 Mr. G loves to check out all the light houses he can find.

 Still can't get it all in one picture.

 Looks like the little fellow we see on Cocoa Beach all the time.

Lots of hotels in this touristy town.
You could spend a couple of days here doing plenty.

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  1. One of the lighthouses has the look of an old castle - would have been fun to see inside. Can't imagine what it must have taken to build a bridge that's nearly five miles long - wow.


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