Wednesday, October 24, 2018

Fall 2018 Trip North Day 7, Part 12- Bay Shore to Charlevoix, Michigan

 On down Hwy 31 from Petoskey to Bay Shore

 Still some beautiful sites along the coast of Lake Michigan.

Saw a lot of these small vintage looking RV trailors that aren't really vintage.
Someone is actually building these now.
Notice the pink petunias along the sidewalk.
This apparently was a city thing, or
at least through this part of town.

 Just a rock, but....

Another VERY busy downtown.

 Part of downtown sat right on this harbor.
This was the site across the street from some of the shops.

Day 7, Part 11- Petoskey to Charlevoix, Michigan

Aggregated Map- Con't (Last half of trip)

Aggregated Map of Basic Trip

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  1. Nice to know that there are some busy downtowns still out there and that not everyone is shopping at the big box stores that are on the outskirts.


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