Friday, October 26, 2018

Fall 2018 Trip North Day 8, Part 1- Manistee, Michigan

A quiet night at Microtel Inn in Manistee makes for a descent night's sleep.
Yes, my pillows travel with me. Not easy for me to make my nest these days.
I have to have a soft bed.
Most important these days, it's hard to find a bed that's not to tall.
I remember staying in a place in Texas where I had to step up on a chair to be able to get in the bed.

We had a high carb breakfast at the hotel and were on our way.
 I know I have seen this quilt shop advertised online.
It was too early to be open so we didn't get to stop.
 We drove a couple of miles and had to turn around 
and go back to the hotel to get our camera's battery and power charger.

Aggregated Map - Basics of Trip

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  1. Too bad about the quilt shop not being open - and having to retrace your drive to collect the missing pieces. Lucky thing you realized before you drove the entire day!!


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